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About Varied / Hobbyist Member Scaly the Charizard17/Male/Australia Group :iconhyperlucario-clan: HyperLucario-Clan
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And this is my gallery! :dummy:
I normally do Pokemon. ALL THE TIME! Cause that's like, the only thing I can draw right.
Dare to enter? :icondragongrin:

Watch Me For Art-Stamp by lupehero38 Really Watch Me Stamp by Adreos Online friends stamp by Suyy Talk Stamp by lupehero38 Fav and RUN - stamp by JWiesner Meaningful comments stamp by dazza1008 I :heart: my ACTIVE watchers by StampsByNeekko Anti-Silent Watchers Stamp by just-a-web-artist

OCs! :meow:

Frost the Charmeleon (Mark II) by Scaly-the-Charizard

OC: Raptor the Charizard by Scaly-the-Charizard

OC: Ruby the Lugia by Scaly-the-Charizard

OC: Smokescreen the Haxorus by Scaly-the-Charizard

OC: Slushie the Goodra by Scaly-the-Charizard

Hot Shot:
OC: Hot Shot the Blaziken by Scaly-the-Charizard

Tidal Wave:
OC: Tidal Wave the Feraligatr by Scaly-the-Charizard

Random Favourites

Awesome artwork by awesome people! :icondragonnod2:


Nemesis Scaly by Scaly-the-Charizard
:Commish: Evil Kiddo clone by Scaly-the-Charizard
A clone (good or evil, which ever) of your character(s) markings can be optional. 

NOTE: Nemesis doesn't apply to all of them, it's just what I gave my own clone...cause it sounded kewl. Of course, you can come up with your own name. :3 
Emblem commissions
Zardian emblem by Scaly-the-Charizard
Have a character/faction emblem of choice. They'll be similar to headshots. Final price undecided. 
TF stories
These take a little longer than a drawing. Also I can do whatever you want me to. c:
Full body shots!
OC: Raptor the Charizard by Scaly-the-Charizard
Frost the Charizard by Scaly-the-Charizard
OC: Slushie the Goodra by Scaly-the-Charizard
Full body shot of a character of choice (OCs etc)

Things I can do: 

- Pokemon

- Digimon

- Dragons 
:Draft request thingy: Ace headshot by Scaly-the-Charizard
Not a single flip...given by Scaly-the-Charizard
:Gift: Draco the Dragon by Scaly-the-Charizard
:Request: Razor headshot by Scaly-the-Charizard
Head shot of a character of choice (same as full bodyshots)

Things I could possibly do:

- Wolves 

- Dragons 

- Pokemon

- Anything animal like


Scaly-the-Charizard has started a donation pool!
226 / 500
I appreciate every donation. Anyway, I really want to help out other people (cause it's the right thing to do. :3) and maybe save some for myself, for other things and what-not. And maybe some contests. :iconiloveyouplz:

It's entirely up to you if you want to, but I'm not forcing anyone and not expecting anyone to donate anything massive or something. :iconchuwyplz:

(And yes, I might not have the best artwork in the world but that's not going to stop me. ^^)

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Scaly-the-Charizard's Profile Picture
Scaly the Charizard
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
:icongiftsfriendsonly: :iconcommissionsopen: :iconnocollabs: :iconrequestsask: :iconnokiribans:

I'll try and keep this short, cause no one reads it anyways... ^^;
Oh and the picture was by :iconservalgurl55: :meow:

Hello there! And welcome to my page! I'm Scaly or Conor...which you prefer, course you can come up with your own nickname for meh. I may or may not be a fat Charizard. X3
And no MEAN nicknames! ono I'm normally shy around new people, even on the Internetz. But once you get to know me well enough, I'm pretty random and very loyal. I've always been into drawing and mainly draw Pokémon, though other times I do other things I'm interested in and would like to improve o3o I like Charizard a lot...even though pretty much everyone say its OVERRATED. Stuff you! He's awesome! I'm fine with you saying "thank you for the fave" and all that, I won't rip off your head or anything. ^^;

:iconskypeplz: I also have Skype. It's basically the same name as my dA profile, so you can add me, if you want. :3

Overall I'm a nice guy and I hope you visit again some time! ^u^

I live in the wonderful city of Brisbane, which is in Australia! :dummy:

I also have autism (aspergers) Don't judge me! >:c

And I would consider myself a "Halo nerd"...a really BIG one, actually...

I'm also a Charizard! :iconcharizard-plz:

Zardians! You should probably go watch them, cause they're AWESOME! Also in no particular order...
:iconbadgerwolf97: - Know her since I began posting on dA!
:iconyoshiboo360: - Loves Yoshi's and anything Nintendo related! GO WATCH!
:icons-l-l-v-3-r: - Dragons, and more dragons, her art kicks butt!
:iconkyrifian: - Dat randomness though, more awesome arts!
:iconxxazure-kitsunexx: - Pokemon and ponies! Yay! :dummy:
:iconlegoman56m: - All the Halos!
:iconbleedinginsides: - Sneaky sneaky sneaky...
:iconpixel-the-dragon: - Doesn't like fruit...apprently. Or maybe it's just mango. :shrug:
:iconthediamondlucario: - Derpy and awesome, Lucarios are kewl!
:iconjaela23: - All dat poking though. o3o
:iconluxsharim: - Attack of the fluffy ninja chicken! He's got some awesome arts! >w<
:iconkiddo-the-dragon: - Best bros with Draco! Another big dragon lover! :la:
:icondracozek: - Possibly the biggest dragon lover I've ever met! He's a really good friend once you get to know him. :meow:
:iconkilljoy2136: - *Boops your face* x3
:iconcharizard110011: - Super nice and is a huge gamer!
:iconzoruatini: - Caring and thoughtful, she'll always try her best to help.

Pokepeoplez! (If you wanna be a part of it just ask! XD)

Charizard - :iconscaly-the-charizard:

Grovyle - :iconbadgerwolf97:

Blaziken - :iconluxsharim:

Absol - :iconkilljoy2136:

Reshiram - :iconreshiram11:

PINK CHARIZARD - :iconpikachugal153:

Weavile - :icon5nickiez:

Silver Giratina - :icons-l-l-v-3-r:

Sceptile - :iconsceptileandme:

Flo the Tyhplosion - :iconkyrifian:

Rainbow Arceus - :iconcharizard110011:

Inspirations: :iconben300: :icondracozek:

PLZ accounts I have made:
:iconmegacharizardyplz: :iconmegacharizard-xplz: :iconlizardonrapefaceplz:



Stamps! >w<


Charizard Fan Stamp by rossmallo 006 - Charizard by Marlenesstamps Charizard Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps Mega Charizard Y by Marlenesstamps Mega Charizard X by Marlenesstamps Charizard Stamp by PeppersStamps Charizard stamp by izka197 Charizard Stamp by Kibichu Clone Charizard stamp by Matto-Sakujo Charizard Cry Stamp by SuperTeeter64 #149 Dragonite by xXEclipseTheCatXx Dragonite stamp by SilverdragonKathy lugia stamp by Inguac Lugia Stamp Two by charlietinks Salamence Stamp by Porygon-Z Pokemon Stamp 2 by SeviYummy Pokemon Stamp by SeviYummy Blaziken Stamp by Pokelova Lucario Stamp by Kibichu .:Blaziken Hug:. by blazeboy16 571 - Zoroark by Marlenesstamps Zoroark Fan Stamp by Fastmon Shiny Zoroark Stamp by Piniee Like all pokemon stamp by Blueshocker Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Stamp by AlphaUmbreon


Transformers Armada Stamp by katdrake Autobots Stamp by SweetyTeety Autobots Stamp by tRiBaLmArKiNgS NYAN OPTIMUS PRIME STAMP by optimus11455 Optimus Prime Stamp by TanukiKyuubi Transformers G1 Stamp by DecadeX10 Transformers starscream stamp by 1Bitter1SugarMixed Grimlock not kisser by 1Bitter1SugarMixed War for Cybertron stamp by 1Bitter1SugarMixed TF:War for Cybertron stamp by 1Bitter1SugarMixed i wish my car transformed by meimei-stamps Transformers G1 80's stamp by 1Bitter1SugarMixed

Everyday comments of life

Stamp: James May by FlantsyFlan How hard can it be? by rockstars Jeremy Clarkson stamp by KazultheDragon


Anti-MLP: FiM stamp by HTFNeoHeidi Dear-Bronies-Stamp by Leathurkatt-TFTiggy Anti MLP Stamp by BroadwayLashy CoD Stamp by FaizRover Anti-human stamp by Blood-B0xer Deal With It Stamp by Captain-AlbertWesker Shut Up About MLP by Jewel-Thief MLP:FIM Art Is Extremely Boring And Unoriginal by Eternities22

Dragon stamps

Dragon Lover stamp by KatrinaBirch Dragon Brothers Stamp by Garetiem Silver Stamp by S-l-L-V-3-R

FREE: Charizard Flamethrower by piratingwerewolf CHARIZARD Used Flamethrower by JoshR691Charizard GIF Image by xXAngelicEspeonXx Riolu Aura Sphere gif by TeamAzure
004 Charmander - Pokedex by mnrART 005 Charmeleon - Pokedex by mnrART 006 Charizard - Pokedex by mnrART Crystal Machoke Rewamp by Pokemon-Diamond Into Werewolf RETURNS by AbyssWolf :C: Scaly JD by S-l-L-V-3-R

Favorite Pokemon! :dummy:

Charizard by CreepyJellyfish Zoroark by CreepyJellyfish Lucario by CreepyJellyfish Dragonite by CreepyJellyfish

What Drago Element are You?
What Drago Element are You?
Hosted By Anime

Which Pokemon Fire Starter Are You?
Which Pokemon Fire Starter Are You?
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What Legendary Pokemon Are You?
What Legendary Pokemon Are You?
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What Dark Type Pokemon Are You?
What Dark Type Pokemon Are You?
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What Pokemon Are You?
What Pokemon Are You?
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Are You A Chikorita?
Are You A Chikorita?
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What Autobot Are You?
What Autobot Are You?
Hosted By Anime

I am a Charizard!
Frost: Nooooo!! That's impossible!

Oh Frost, stop acting like a baby. Also, I haz lightsaber. .u.

It appears that there's more and more helicopters and planes flying around, which can only mean one thing: teh G20, which is coming up in November. Basically it's when some world leaders come into Brisbane, and they discuss things, while they lock down the city center. Sounds kinda kewl to me! ^u^
Best part is, everyone else gets a day off! Yay...

Also, there's a creepy guy going around at the moment. Hopefully he won't know.

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